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About me

My name is Annalisa, I was born in Bologna in 1980.

In 1994, I embarked on my academic career in history of art and cultural heritage during my high school years at the Istituto Statale D'Arte di Bologna.

I then went on to study a degree in History of Art and a Master’s degree in Cataloguing and
Cultural Heritage. Since writing my thesis on the History of Modern Architecture, I have gained valuable experience working in museums in Bologna.

This includes  cataloguing a 19 th Century collection of flower models at the Herbarium (the Botanical Museum of the University of Bologna) and a collection of anatomical waxes preserved at the University of
Modena, Department of Obstetrics.

I' am a tour leader and tour guide of Bologna.

Guida - Confguide

I am an extremely creative person by nature, and love art in all its forms and manifestations. I enjoy being a tour guide and creating tailor-made itineraries to lead tourists to some of the lesser known places that are nonetheless rich in history, charm and interest.

I' am Airbnb Superhost since 2015 Bentivogli La Casa nido is my small project of tourist accommodation: a small nest on the Bologna's roofs.

I am Airbnb Community Leader of Bologna city since 2020.

Whenever I have time on my hands, I create designs on paper or walls using different techniques and materials.

I could not live without scissors, paint brushes,
wallpaper, fabric or a sewing machine.

I have a beautiful daughter and a partner, Leonardo, who likes to transform different
materials by creating sculptures and furnishing accessories.




La casa nido


“We received a wonderful’s a real nest above the city...”

This is one of the comments that most caught my imagination among the many reviews left by guests at my apartment. Bentivogli has become a nest from which you can fly to discover the wonderful city of Bologna. This cosy space, created with great care, will awaken the inner poet in every one of us.

So what makes this living space so unique?

Firstly, the typically Bolognese context, not only of the late 1920s building, but also of the decidedly popular neighbourhood - Cirenaica is known to be frequented by various notable musicians and has also been a venue for a number of important historical events.
Secondly, it plays an important role in promoting the cultural heritage of Bologna’s lesser-known surrounding areas. Outside its ancient walls, Bologna hides valuable testimonies that tell the story of its rich history and deserve to be preserved.

10 unique Airbnb in Bologna

Photos by: Giorgia Poppi, Elisa Temporin, Annalisa Maurizzi

local experience


What is a “local experience”?


Experience Bologna like a local, it is many things, but principally tailor-made guided tours focussing on a number of themes and places that are little known about but equally interesting.

I can lead you to discover the city, to taste local food and to enjoy the local atmosphere.
These are my favorites  themes:

- Local food through history: have dinner with Giuseppe Maria Mitelli (1634-1718).

- The festive celebrations in Bologna in the second half of the fifteenth century, particularly the relationship between architecture and various theatrical forms.

- I luoghi di Delizia - ancient residences between Bologna and Ferrara where the nobility could restore body and spirit in the pleasures of hunting, dining and decadent parties).


- Architecture of Bologna especially during XV and XVI century.

- Botanical and anatomical educational models between the 18th and 19th centuries at the     University of Bologna, wax modelling and the history of anatomy at the University of Bologna.

- Women artists in Bologna.


- The travels of Madonna di San Luca.

I believe that finding inspiration in the small things is the key to fully enjoying the remarkable history and culture of the local area.


These are the key markers of our local history. I am currently working on a number of
different itineraries designed to allow tour participants to appreciate the city from new
angles and perspectives.


 Photos by: Giorgia Poppi, Annalisa Maurizzi

lezione di anatomia, Mondino de Liuzzi

Together with the Local Pal Association (a non-profit organisation promoting responsible tourism and home sharing), I have created various events and itineraries for It.a.cà Festival and Urban Trekking in Bologna.

Trekking 2018

It.a.cà 2018

It.a.cà 2017 - Bologna sei a casa

It.a.cà 2017 - Workshop

Festa della Storia 2018

Community manager for 100 Case 100 Idee  Airbnb Bologna 2019

Airbnb Bologna Community Leader 2020 until now


Maurizzi A., Bologna, 27 gennaio/2 febbraio 1487: il corteo trionfale e la fabula mitologica nelle nozze tra Annibale Bentivoglio e Lucrezia d’Este.
Engramma la tradizione classica nell'arte occidentale, n. 86, Dicembre 2010
ISSN 1826-901X Journal - Centro studi classica, IUAV di Venezia – coordinato da Monica Centanni.

Maurizzi A., La collezione Brendel di modelli di fiori ed altri organi vegetali dell’Università di Bologna, in “Museologia Scientifica”, Volume 4 , N. 1-2 , 2010 (2012) , Nuova Serie.

Maurizzi A., Anna Morandi Manzolini, in “Lotto Artemisia Guercino - Le stanze segrete di Vittorio Sgarbi”, Osimo Palazzo Campana – marzo – ottobre, 2016, Silvana Editoriale, pp. 208 – 209.

Maurizzi A., Giovanni Francesco Pieri, in “I tesori nascosti – Tino da Camaino, Caravaggio, Gemito”, a cura di Vittorio Sgarbi e Pietro Di Natale, Napoli Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore alla Pietrasanta –Dicembre 2016 – Maggio 2017, Maggioli Musei Editore, pp. 230 – 231.


Maurizzi A., Caterina Tomaello Salvi, Sub Signo tauri, Alessandro Costenaro Editore, 2024.


Photos by: Mariangela Buccella, Annalisa Maurizzi


Artist Books and more

PAPER, nature, colors, and different suggestions coming from the botanical and anatomical iconography  and from the imaginary of the Wunderkammer.

I express myself through the combination of different techniques and languages: pictorial, collages, graphic, textile and poetic.

The artist's book is the ideal place where express myself.

In 2019/2020 I resumed my artistic path thanks to the course of Art Publishing carried out at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.

I truly believe that the beauty and magic of nature can inspire and enrich our lives.

Here are a few of my creations realized at various time.



Please contact me if you need some information, thank you  Annalisa 

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